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They immediately settled near the mouth of a creek on the south side of the James River, still known as Lawne's Creek (sometimes improperly written Lyon's Creek), which was, in 1642, made the dividing line between this county and Surry County.

Captain Lawne and Ensign Washer represented the settlement known as Lawne's Plantations in the first House of Burgesses, which met at Jamestown on the 30th day of July 1619.

At midday on Good Friday, March 22, 1622, there were twelve hundred and forty inhabitants in the State of Virginia.

Of these, three hundred and forty-seven, in a few hours, were killed by the Indians in the eighty settlements on the north and south sides of the James River, of which number fifty-three were residents of this county.

And in the spring of 1611, after that terrible winter, in which five hundred of the colonists died of starvation and disease, that sad-hearted remnant of sixty emaciated, half-famished men, who had determined to abandon the colony, also spent their first night with this same tribe.

This tribe of Indians occupied a village near what is now known as Fergusson's Wharf, in this county, and their hunting grounds extended along the James River about five miles and inland about twenty, and had a fighting strength of forty of fifty warriors.

HISTORY OF ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY 1608-1907 (From ) "A Brief History of Isle of Wight County, Virginia" by COL E. Morrison Compiled for Distribution at the Jamestown Tercentenary Exposition.

In the early spring of 1608, Captain John Smith, driven by the necessity of obtaining food for the famishing colonists at Jamestown, crossed the river (James), and obtained from a tribe of Indians called Worrosquoyackes fourteen bushels of corn.

"Yet they all had warning given them, one from another, in all their habitations, though far asunder, to meet at this day and hour for the destruction of the English." So well was the dread secret kept that the English boats were borrowed to transport the Indians over the river to consult on the "devilish murder that ensued"; and even on the day itself, as well as on the evening before, they came as usual, unarmed, into their settlements, with their turkeys and other provisions to sell; and in some places sat down with the English on the very morning to breakfast.

They spared no age, sex or condition; and were so sudden in their indiscriminate slaughter that few could discern the blow or the weapon that killed them.

Those who had treated them with especial kindness and conferred many benefits upon them fared no better than the rest.

The first English settlement in Isle of Wight county was made by Captain Christopher Lawne and Sir Richard Worsley, knight baronet, and their associates, viz.: Nathaniel Basse, gentleman; John Hobson, gentleman; Anthony Olevan, Richard Wiseman, Robert Newland, Robert Gyner, and William Willis.

On April 27, 1619, they arrived at Jamestown, with one hundred settlers, in a ship commanded by Captain Evans.

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Some miraculous escapes are reported in the Worrosquoyacke settlement.

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